Startup ideas are like kittens, I’m giving ’em away

You know that feeling you get when you’re struck with a new idea? Adrenaline surges, your mind races through the possibilities, your fingers begin creating mindmaps as quickly as they can. Ok, maybe that last part is just me. Anyway. I get that feeling a lot. It’s addicting. 

But executing ideas is the hard part. It takes time. Time that needs to be spent on your “main thing“. Soon you have a bunch of ideas that you were passionate about (if only for a day or two) all bottled up, never to see the light of day.

Well, in the spirit of openness and community, I’m going to set these ideas free. Some posts will be well thought out. Some might just be a snippet. I’m mostly posting them for for sake of discussion, but if somebody’s interested in taking an idea forward, I’m all for it. I’ll help out in any way I can.  

This is actually a project that I’ve been thinking of for a long time (since March 9th according to my WhoIs record).  Just goes to show how hard executing is, haha. I got a little extra boost of motivation in May when Darius created a similar idea called Eurekaput. Goodonya.

Anyway, let’s get going.

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Justin Thiele

Justin Thiele is co-founder of Glider (formerly named Superbly), where he leads marketing. He earned some early battle scars co-founding Mugasha, an online music service, which ran for three years. Needing a break, he joined AppSumo as an early employee before going to GadgetTrak, a startup building theft recovery software, as the Marketing Director. While there, he built CameraTrace, a spin-off for tracking stolen cameras.

6 thoughts on “Startup ideas are like kittens, I’m giving ’em away”

  1. Nice idea. If this trend continues someone is going to need to create a site where everyone can just dump their ideas. An abandoned idea shelter? Oh dang, there’s another idea.

  2. @Jason haha, totally! It could be as simple as a group blog. I could even open this blog up to contributors! hmm…..

  3. Wow, very cool Kevin. I’m thinking I need to compile a list of all of the people doing similar things. Cheers!

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